Guidelines- Please Read!

Behavior & Dancing

Dancing: No dancing of a sexual nature is permitted. Examples of this include grinding front to back, or front to front. No moshing (dancing so closely in groups where the purpose is to bump into each other).

Behavior: Smoking, alcohol and drug use are prohibited.

Note: Once the student leaves the activities facility and/or grounds, he/she will not be permitted to reenter. In case of an emergency, staff, security personnel, or administrators can accompany a student(s) to and from his/her car.


Boys’ Attire: Boys should not wear jeans or any type of casual pants to prom. Suits with ties or tuxedos are recommended for prom. Business formal and semi formal are also acceptable for prom.

Girls’ Dress: Dresses may be strapless or include spaghetti straps. Bare or open backs are acceptable. However, bare abdomens or bare midriffs are not permitted. Undergarments should not be visible. See-through apparel and dresses with hemlines or slits that are above mid-thigh are not permitted. Garments that are extremely low-cut are also unacceptable.

Guidelines decided on will be enforced by an administrator. We realize that some may have already bought their clothes for this year’s Prom. If this is the case, and one feels as though their attire breaks the dress code, we strongly recommend that they bring some kind of cover up (shawl, jacket, etc.) If a student’s attire is inappropriate at the event and the student does not have appropriate coverup, a sweatshirt or sweat-pants will be provided, and the student will be asked to change for admission.

Staff personnel will monitor student behavior.  Chaperones will roam through the area and mark students who have violated this behavior.

Please keep in mind that these guidelines are in place because student safety is of the utmost importance.