Prom Court

If you are a Junior or Senior at PA Leadership Charter School and would like to run for prom court, please read over the following rules and submit your poster to

1) To run you must be a Junior or a Senior and a student at PALCS. Seniors will run for Prom King or Queen and Juniors will run for Prom Prince or Princess.

2) You may only run for the east or west side of the state. (Please put east or west on your poster)

3) You must maintain a 2.0 GPA, and be in good academic standing.

4) Your poster must be in either .jpg or .png format. You can submit it in the SG forum lesson or through the

5) You can make your poster digitally by using the Paint Brush, PowerPoint or Impress programs. Your poster should include at least one picture of you and should answer this question in 100 words or less… Why do I want to be prom King, Queen, Prince or Princess?

You must submit your poster by May 10th. We will be voting on May 13th and May 14th. Voting will close at 7 am on May 15th.

West Prom Queen

Moriah for West Prom Queen

Shana for West Prom Queen

Anne for West Prom Queen

Katie for West Prom Queen

West Prom Princess

Danielle for West Prom Princess

East Prom Queen

Dejza for East Prom Queen

Elizabeth for East Prom Queen

Haleigh for East Prom Queen

East Prom Prince

Tyler for East Prom Prince

East Prom Princess

Caitlyn for East Prom Princess

CeCe for East Prom Princess

Brionee for East Prom Princess