Student Bios

Picture of Rebecca AltieriRebecca Altieri
My name is Becca, but most of my friends just call me Roy. This is my
second time going to Panama with the school. I have a ferret named Tiger, and a spider  named Paul. My little brother, Arlo, is six years old, and a year ahead in school. I like Star Treck and Doctor Who, as  well as Winnie the Pooh, Being Human (the original one), Monty Python, The monkees, and various animes. I’m a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki. As far as music goes, I like the Beatles, The Monkees, The Who, Frank Sinatra, Evanescence, and Birthday Massacre. I like the old Black Eyed Peas music too. I don’t play on a team, but I really like hokey. I’m also a cyclist, witch is really impressive considering every street in Scranton is filled with holes. I’m in 9th grade, and fifteen years old.
Picture of Colleen CartmellColleen Cartmell
My name is Colleen, I am seventeen. I have been going to PALCS since it started, about seven or eight years. I am super excited to be going to Panama this year! I have always wanted to travel out of country and I think this will be a great experience. I am a senior, even though I will miss the school I won’t miss it enough to not graduate. I love being outside, hiking, walking, canoeing, white water rafting, and so on. I listen to loud music, I work at a health food store, and live on a campground. And did I mention I am super excited to be going to Panama??

MoriahMoriah Conant
My name is Moriah Conant and I am 14. This is my first year at PALCS and I am in 10th grade. I have 2 brothers, 5 sisters and another little sister who is due to be born at the end of May. I really like to read, memorize Bible verses and travel. This is my first time going to Panama, but last summer I went on a missions trip to Peru. I am the 2nd student in the mime skit. The education rally is going to be a lot of fun so come join us!
Picture of Alexander HertzlerAlexander Hertzler
Hello, my name is Alexander. This is my second trip to Panama. I live
in Newport, PA. I enjoy doing video game designing, playing games, and listening to music. I have a pet boxer named Rufus (Should have been called Dufus). I have been going to PALCS for 5 years, and I plan to go to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology for collage.

Picture of Natalie HurdNatalie Hurd
My name is Natalie Hurd. I’m 16 years old. This is my first year at PALCS and I am a sophomore in the high school. I play trombone in the band at my local high school. I adore children and babysit as much as I possibly can. I also love to play video games with my brothers and losing terribly. This is my first year going to Panama and I am so excited. I went on a missions trip to Baja, Mexico this past summer so I know a little bit of Spanish. I am looking forward to being immersed in the Panama culture and learning more Spanish.
Picture of Julia MinsterJulia Minster
Hey my name is Julia and I
will be turning 18 in April. This is my first year in a cyber school, and I love all the opportunities it has
for me like getting to go to Panama for 17 days. I love helping and meeting new people. This is my 4th year taking Spanish, and I am very excited to go to Panama. This summer I am also going to El Salvador on another missions trip.


J. P. Loftus
My name is Joseph P.
Loftus. This is my third year attending PALCS and my second going on this trip. I have a sister that attends PALCS who is in 6th grade. I am learning to play the guitar. I like to play video games, listen to music, and talk to my friends.
Host clubJeannette Neal
My name is Jeannette Neal,
this is my 7th year at PALCS and I’m a senior in high  school. I love computers (especially computer games) which only makes sense that I’m in a cyber school. I am devoted to drawing and I travel whenever I can. I particularly love visiting other countries. This is my first time going to Panama, but I have lived and traveled in other countries, like Turkey. I’m really excited about visiting Panama and can’t wait to visit and start a new adventure.