Panama :)

Panama is amazing. And very bonita! (beautiful) We have been here almost two weeks, sadly it is going by way too fast, I wish it was longer than this. The views in Boquete, where we are staying, are awesome, there is a volcano very close and at times you can see the fog rolling off of it or the clouds setting on top. It rains every now and then but its been around seventy to eighty degrees each day. The activities that we have gone on are awesome! Today we went zip lining, which was indescribable in how cool of an experience it was. Needless to say I would love doing it again and again, along with all the other activities we have been doing. Working with everyone to canvas businesses and work on the skit we are doing is pretty fun, doesn’t really seem like work. We have a pretty good team this year here, I think anyone would love coming. Especially for girls because there are some very guapo (handsome) guys here! To make my experience here blunt, I would move here if I could, I absolutely love it.


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