Festival Donors

PALCS students split up into two (2) groups to canvas businesses for donations for the Annual Education Rally Palcs runs.  Group one consists of Alex Hertzler, Natalie Hurd, Moriah Conant, and Rebeca Altieri, as their leader. Group two consists of Jeannette Neal, Colleen Cartmell, Julia Minster, and J.P. Loftus as their leader. Each group took one side of the street in the town of  Boquete to get donations for the festival that we are having on April 9th, 2011 at the park.  The students worked hard to get donations for the festival, and are ready to perform in front of the people in Panama.

We have started getting donations from the local businesses. Many places from last year are helping out this year. Many of the new places are not restaurants. For example there is a clothing store donating paper products. Also a construction company is making cupcakes. Alex is telling me that we got pizzas, quesadillas, and tacos.  This is sounding like the best festival ever!

This is my first year in Panama, and going around talking to the different business is a great way to learn a new language. It forces you to learn or else there will be nothing for the festival at the end of the trip. It is also very interesting to test how well you already know Spanish. Getting donations also shows greatly how different the cultures are by the food they are willing to make. This is a great experience so far.

Spanish Lessons

Students started Spanish Language lessons on Monday, March 28th at Habla Ya. Prior to taking classes, students took a placement test to determine the class level in which they were placed.

Arrival – Panama City

We arrived in Panama City on March 25th and traveled to Boquete on March 27th. In Panama city, the students visited the Miraflores Locks at the Panama canal and had lunch on the observation deck overlooking the canal. Students explored the museum and watched a historical movie about the Panama canal. In Panama city, students were able to take an evening dip in the rooftop pool.