San Felix Mission

A few nights ago we spent the night at a mission in San Felix.  After spending the night at the beach, and going to a different beach earlier that day, I was just happy to have a proper shower. Once I got the sand out of my hair and the salt off my skin, we met in the cafeteria for a spaghetti dinner.


Coleen and I agreed to trade parts in the Ngobe mime skit. I now play the second Ngobe girl, the same part I had last year. I’m very excited to wear the Ngobe dress and to have a bigger part in the skit than I had before.


Later that night Jeannette and I decided to make a fort by hanging towels off the top bunk of our bed. The two of us spent the night in our fort. We named it Waffles and Nachos, witch was also the password.


The next morning we packed our things and climbed back into the van for an other “adventure”.


I am really enjoying Panama.