Hot Spring in Caldera

Today we hiked to the hot spring in Caldera. We had a tour tour guide help found the way. It wasn’t that long of a hike, but I’m glad I have bug spray other then that it was awesome. I have a blast! When we got to the hot springs I didn’t go into the hot spring because it was way to hot for me. I did put my feet in the water with Roy (Rebeca) and we jumped out. We saw our tour guided he was playing with a monkey. He’s a very friendly monkey and loves people. He likes it when you pick him up and hold him and when you are blinded by his cuteness he will steal you belonging such as your shoes and socks. He was cute and he knew it too. When we weren’t looking he tried to run off with shoes and a water bottle. When I wasn’t looking he jump on my head and scared me. When I put him on the ground he hug my leg. He was so a cute. After we left the hot springs we when to the river. The monkey follow us all to the river. He didn’t jump in the river with us instead he laid in a tree for a bit and then when back home. The river was so refreshing. It was nice and cold which was perfect on a hot, and wasn’t too deep. It was beautiful at the river, surrounded by tall trees and on the far side of the river you could see wild flowers. There was awesome many rocks you could climb on. Mrs. Aungst got a sun tan in the middle of the river sitting on a rock. I had a lot of fun today.