2012 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

PALCS students will be helping Casa Esperanza with its mission of eradicating child labor in Panama through education, literacy, health, nutrition and personal development to Panama’s most vulnerable children and youth. As student volunteers, PALCS will assist staff at Casa Esperanza in their daily tasks such as teaching the students, playing with them, helping them with their homework, supervising them when they visit places outside of the center and organizing special events amongst other things.

Casa Esperanza works with children and teenagers in extreme poverty conditions with a focus on those who must work to contribute to their family incomes. They provide children and teens with academic support, primary healthcare, nutrition, personal and social development, sports, culture and recreational activities. Child laborers are referred to the Casa Esperanza Center where there are educational alternatives aimed at reducing their participation in the work force.

Casa Esperanza is currently in need of volunteers to help with homework, sporting activities, food preparation, life skills and literacy.  Long term volunteers may also assist the organizational staff to come up with creative solutions and ideas for the challenges being faced by the organization and participants.

  • More than 47,000 children and teenagers are engaged in child labor; 26% of the child laborers are below the age of fourteen, which is the minimum legal age permitted by Panamanian Law.
  • More than 32,000 minors are working in the agricultural areas and 65% do not go to school.
  • More than 21,000 children and teenagers work in the urban areas and 45% are not enrolled in the school system.

Money raised will be used in the following ways.

  • To support student global citizens
  • To donate money to Casa Esperanza
  • To purchase books to donate to Casa Esperanza