Spanish Language Lessons: Week one

language class

Spanish lessons at Spanish by the River

“I love our teacher! He is so fun and I have learned so much from him. He even asks us if we want homework. Also I enjoy talking to him about cyber schools. He is very intelligent and open to talking to us about everything.” -JP Loftus

“I have been enjoying Spanish lessons. I am starting to understand what is going on better in the class. I have also stopped answering the questions in German as much. I am picking up/remembering more and more as the week goes on.” -Chelsie Conant

“I really like the Spanish lessons. The teacher is really nice and teaches well. He comes up with creative ways to teach like having us play scrabble in Spanish and learning a song in Spanish and then learning the vocabulary for the song. ” -Moriah Conant

“I really enjoyed Spanish lessons this week. I learned a lot and he also helped me understand things I had covered in previous years of Spanish class but never really understood. He is a really good teacher and we have a lot of fun in class.” -Skyanne Fisher

Volunteer work at Casa Esperanza

Casa Esperanza

“On day 5 I got to play hand games and soccer with some of the kids and then sat with some of them on my lap while they watched a movie. I also got my hair braided into little tiny braids by some of the girls that were there. The first reason that volunteering my time has helped me grow as a person are getting to see how other people live and how I have so much. I saw a girl that had to sew together a hole in her sock because she didn’t have money to buy new socks. If I have holey socks, I can just go out and spend a few dollars on a new pack of socks. These kids can’t even afford new socks. The second reason volunteering has helped me grow as a person is by teaching me patience. Sometimes I can’t understand what the kids are saying and sometimes they don’t understand what I’m saying, but if we’re patient we can normally figure out a way to communicate. They’ve also been teaching me patience because I don’t always want to do what they want to do because often times it is the same games that they want to play over and over. Being patient and doing the things that they want to do shows them that someone cares enough to do what they want to do. A third way that volunteering my time has helped me grow as a person is by helping me learn Spanish and expanding my world by helping me to learn new things. The most important thing that I learned this week was that even if you can’t speak the same language as someone, you can still communicate and make new friends.Volunteering shows leadership because you have to sometimes take charge when there is no one that is really in charge or that is organizing things.” -Moriah Conant