Do. Something. Spectacular. Every. Day.

The Panama cultural immersion, language immersion, and service learning trip is designed to immerse students in the world around them. Our philosophy of learning by doing takes students beyond fun and friendship to hands-on skill building, teamwork, discovery and personal growth. Students learn technical skills alongside life skills to prepare for wherever the future takes you.

Find your inner compass.

Let it guide you to a place where confidence rules. It’s a place where no matter how high you soar or how far you paddle,  you feel grounded by the strength of your character, your ability to get along and your power to lead. To get there, to reach this new latitude, you first need to pick up a few things along the way.


Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Learn about communication, living and working in a group and a responsibility to your team — all things that make our programs successful and your adventure unforgettable.


Seek out a group adventure and discover you possess the skills to lead that group. The ability to set goals, manage time, guide a discussion and make decisions that can benefit many.

Measured Achievement
Continuous hands-on experience with our professional instructors helps you accumulate credit toward your leadership certificate, Spanish language  and community service hours while exploring the world. Arrive home with a whole new set of skills, and recognized achievements that mark your achievements.

Openness to Different Ideas, Beliefs and Cultures

We build bridges, not walls. Students learn to appreciate diversity and different cultural norms, as well as tolerance for other individuals or views different than your own.

Sense of Self
Amazing how the farther you travel from home and the more people and cultures you encounter, the closer you get to discovering yourself……Your passions, who you are, what you believe in and how your own unique map of the world will guide you and light the path forward.

Volunteering in Panama

“Volunteering is not about traveling to Panama to change the world. Rather, it is about traveling to Panama to change yourself and help others in your process. We believe the best way we can create change in this world is to create change within ourselves. By serving others, it teaches us to be selfless & grateful. By donating our resources, it teaches us to be benevolent & generous. By experiencing another culture, it opens our hearts & eyes to new ideas & ways of being human. By working with people in challenging situations, we gain a new perspective on things we may be taking for granted in our own life. By putting ourselves outside our comfort zone, it teaches us to overcome our fears. By challenging ourselves to do something different, we build confidence in ourselves & in our abilities to fulfill our hopes & dreams.” -Kaytee Hoverson