Volunteer work at Casa Esperanza

At the beginning of each day, students engage in a two hour Spanish class that serves to reinforce what they are learning at PALCS, and prepares them for their volunteer work at a local school in Boquete called Casa Esperanza. What students learn in the classroom is immediately and practically applied to their daily lives as they are immersed in the Panamian culture. From greeting their teacher and each other in the morning, reading signs, ordering lunch, asking how much goods cost, interacting with students at Casa Esperanza, interacting with the locals, and exchanging pleasantries, students are not only learning the language but learning about the Panamanian culture through language. Every day presents  new adventures and new challenges, all of which encompass the hands-on learning experience of each student.

Spanish by the River language school

Spanish by the river provides an inspiring Spanish Language and Cultural Learning Experience in locations that stand out for their relaxed atmosphere and surrounding natural and cultural beauty.


100% happy and motivated students that learn the Spanish Language, immerse themselves in a new culture and get motivated and renewed by the relaxed atmosphere and natural and cultural beauty of their locations.

Wednesday, April 4th Travel day, Panama City
Thursday, April 5th Miraflores Locks and Panama Canal
Friday, April 6th Taboga Island
Saturday, April 7th Rancho Caldera
Sunday, April 8th Orchid Festival
Monday, April 9th Spanish Classes/service project
Tuesday, April 10th Spanish Classes/service project /Hot Springs
Wednesday, April 11th Spanish Classses/service project
Thursday, April 12th Spanish Classes/service project /Geisha Coffee Tour
Friday, April 13th Spanish Classes/service project /Salsa Dancing
Saturday, April 14st White water rafting
Sunday, April 15nd Sea Kayaking and Island Tour
Monday, April 16rd Spanish Classes/ service project
Tuesday, April 17th Spanish Classes/service project
Wednesday, April 18th Spanish Classes/service project
Thursday, April 19th Travel day, Panama City
Friday, April 20th Travel day, Panama City