Guatemala Day 4

Today was a special day! Today we went to the school where we would be spending the most of our time in Joyabaj. After today, we’re all glad we’re going to be spending a lot of time in that school!

The first thing we did, when we arrived at the school, was give all of the donations we had collected to the school’s principal and staff. They were all so thankful to receive the school supplies, the clothes, the bags, and the laptops we had brought. Thank you so much to all of you who had donated!

After we unloaded all that we brought, a very special ceremony took place to welcome us to the school. One of our students had the honor of marching the American flag into a courtyard where the whole student body had assembled. When both the Guatemalan and American flags were presented, a traditional Guatemalan dance was performed for us by some of the school’s students. Not only did they dance for us, but we were all given some traditional Guatemalan food!

After we saw their tremendous presentation, our students were able to return the favor by performing an authentic American dance in front of the school’s entire student body. The “Cotton eye Joe” was performed! Luckily, we all had practiced in our hotel hallway (the cleaning ladies joined us) the day day before. The Guatemalan students loved the dance! They even joined in and tried to learn. I’m sure our students will never forget that experience.

When the ceremony had ended, we all interacted with the children until their school day was over. After everyone had left, and we ate some lunch, we went straight to work!

The school was in desperate need of some paint. Our students worked hard today as the entrance to the school was repainted and as murals were painted in one of the elementary classrooms. Words cannot begin to capture the selfless hard work our students put forth today!

After we finished working at the school for the day, we all went to Deisy’s to eat an amazing dinner. What an amazing dinner it was!

It was a great day, and our students had really worked hard to help children they didn’t even know.


  1. Kimmy Gaudreau says:

    So glad to hear everything is going great. I am definitely jealous not to be with you all this year. Amy give your dad a kiss from me. In the mean time I will pray for a great learning experience for the students, safe travel and above all good weather!


    Becky I can only imagine how great you are with the students!!!

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