Guatemala Day 2

This was our first full day in Guatemala. It truly was a great day! Each student got a taste of Guatemalan culture, both past and present.

After we ate some breakfast at a local restaurant, we set-off for stop one of our journey. We were headed to see some ancient Mayan ruins!

The ride to the ruins was a cultural experience in itself. The van was completely silent as each student looked out their window. They witnessed the hustle and bustle of Guatemala’s crowded streets. They saw Guatemalan women walking on the sides of the roads balancing baskets on their heads. They saw poverty embodied in roadside shanties (a sight that prompted a conversation about how grateful we all are for what we have). They saw Guatemala’s breathtaking landscape tucked between the winding roads and mountains we were traveling. Then, they saw the ancient Mayan ruins!

The ruins were amazing! Each student had their picture taken (in a victory stance) in a Mayan ruin where intense competition used to take place. Not only did we learn a lot about some of Guatemala’s first residents and their rituals, but we also got a hike out of the experience!

After we saw the ancient ruins and learned about the ancient Mayan culture, we set-off for Joyabaj. Joyabaj would be the town where we would stay for the majority of our trip!

When we arrived in Joyabaj and were settled in our rooms, we had the rare opportunity to attend a Guatemalan girl’s 15th birthday celebration. It was an honor for us to be invited to the event. The 15th birthday is a huge event in Guatemala. There was live music, and a whole ceremony took place. A couple of our students presented a gift to the birthday girl on behalf of the entire team and Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School. That was a truly unique experience, and we were all happy to have been a part of it!



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