Guatemala Day 1

Day one was travel day! As excitement pulsed in everyone, it was an especially thrilling day for two of our students who had never been on an airplane before. It seemed that the word “Leadership,” in Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, had been demonstrated already in Day 1 of our travels. The two students who had been on an airplane before were comforting their fellow team members as they embarked on their new air-travel experience. These things tend to go unnoticed, but the team leaders were proud to see both leadership and bravery coexist right in Day 1 of our trip!

We were very tired when we arrived in Guatemala City. We went through customs and retrieved all of our bags with ease. “Bedtime” was written on every student’s face. A van was waiting for us the second we walked out of the airport. We strapped our bags to the roof and went straight to our hotel.

Even though everyone was tired, excitement bustled in each one of us. We had finally made it…we were in Guatemala!

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