Guatemala Day 10

This was our official last day. We flew back to America. Our 6 hours of flight time allowed us all to catch-up on some sleep and reflect on our amazing time in Guatemala. It seemed that the leaders of the trip were all thinking the same things.

We are very proud of our students. We are beyond happy with the way they conducted themselves in a foreign country. They were representing Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School and The United States of America. We have heard nothing but good things from our host, William Vasey, regarding our time in Guatemala. Our students made a huge impact on every person they had encountered. Mr. Vasey told us that they had excelled beyond his expectations, and there has been nothing but positive emotions in the school where they had been working. He said that it seems like the entire school has been uplifted, and all the attitudes of the students and the teachers have been enriched. Early in the trip, we had a conversation with the team. We told them that they would be paving the way for all of the future PALCS trips that would take place in Guatemala. It would be an understatement to say that they have set the bar high. Now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the school in Guatemala will be filled with excitement and anticipation when they hear that a group from Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School is planning a trip to Guatemala!

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