Guatemala Days 8 & 9

After a great week of helping the school in the remote town of Joyabaj, days 8 and 9 were spent in the more touristy towns of Panajachel and Antigua. Both of these towns were stunning. There were many places to buy souvenirs and see some amazing scenery and architecture!  

Panajachel was directly next to the massive Lake Atitlan. From a distance we could see a couple giant volcanoes across the lake. It truly was a beautiful sight. We wandered around the large street market and the students really had a great time bartering prices with the vendors. That was an element of shopping that is rarely experienced in the States! To finish up our time in Panajachel, we ate dinner at this quaint restaurant located right off the street. We enjoyed a great meal while the marimba (Guatemala’s national instrument) was played for us. It was the perfect way to end our time in Panajachel.

Antigua was equally as beautiful as Panajachel! Antigua is visited by many tourists a year because of its cobblestone streets and amazing architecture. We went into a couple beautiful cathedrals and saw buildings that had been around for hundreds of years. We even saw some buildings that were destroyed by earthquakes. As we walked down Antigua’s streets, we felt as though we were in a movie. Many pictures were taken that day!

After we finished exploring Antigua, we went back to Guatemala City to spend the night before we would fly back home the following day. Our days in Panajachel and Antigua were amazing and they were very fun. It was the perfect way to end our time in Guatemala!

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