Guatemala Day 7

Today was our last day at the school. It was sad, but it was a very special day. It´s amazing how many relationships were formed in just 4 days. Our students have really connected with their Guatemalan friends.

We visited each room and handed out some of the donations we brought. The children were very excited to receive their toys, bracelets, and school supplies! We were just as excited to give them out.

During the chidren´s lunch break, we met with all of the school´s teachers. We expressed how much of an honor it was for us to be able to help in their school. We also brought gifts for all of the teachers. We gave purses to the women and ties to the men. They were so thankful for all of the work we had done this week. They presented a bag (that is exclusively made in Joyabaj) to each of us as a token of their appreciation.

After we met with all of the teachers, one of the older classes prepared lunch for us. This was an extremely special gesture because they paid for all of the ingredients themselves. It was very good!

We said our goodbyes to all of the Guatemalan students when their school day was over. It was sad saying goodbye, but it was great to see all of the relationships that were made between our students and the school´s students.

Once everyone had left, we painted our last mural in the last elementary classroom. We worked really hard, and the room looked great! We only wished we could see the children´s reactions.

Once we cleaned up, we left the school went to our hotel to pack. We then went to Deisy´s for our last meal. We really focused on expressing our sincere appreciation to Deisy and all the hard work she put in for us the entire week. We have been proud of our students for all of the respect and gratitude they showed Deisy this week. They have been great!

Our last day in Joyabaj was a day I´m sure we´ll all remember for years to come. Our students worked hard this week, and they positively influenced that school in a huge way! We´re so proud of them. They completely deserve the two fun days that lie ahead!

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