Guatemala Day 5

Just when our time at the school was good, our time at the school got better! Today we spent a lot of time in the classroom.

It was really great to see our students interact with the Guatemalan students. They really dove right in and opened themselves up to those in the school. A lot of Spanish was spoken, and a lot of English was spoken!

The school really wanted us to help sharpen up their students’ English. We were thrilled to help! We spent the majority of our time today teaching a 10th grade class. We helped them with their hearing, writing, and speaking of English. Beyond that, our students performed some songs and conducted some educational games. Not only were the Guatemalan students learning a lot, but they were having fun too!

We were so pleased to see our students teach in the humble manner in which they did. They taught as if they were friends who were helping friends. At the end of the day, that’s exactly what they did. They helped their friends.

Beyond teaching and participating in the regular scheduled classes, our students worked hard once again when the school day was over. We painted two more rooms and another mural was painted in another elementary classroom. It was a lot of hard work that was well worth it!

After we finished at the school, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and went to William Vasey’s for dinner. Mr. Vasey has been our main host this entire trip. He has orchestrated our whole itinerary. The hotel where we’ve been staying was named after him. He helped build the school where we’ve been working, and he is one of the most respected men in all of Joyabaj. He has been a fantastic host, and we have all learned a thing or two about the value of the human life by just spending time with him. We really enjoyed going to his house too!

Upon entering Mr. Vasey’s house, we were all greeted by two friendly German Shepherds and a room full of great people. Mr. Vasey was teaching some locals how to speak English, and he thought it would be a great idea to have our students help them learn! Our students were asking the locals questions in English, and they were helping them with their pronunciation and vocabulary. Once the lesson was finished, we all enjoyed a great Guatemalan meal. It was very good!

We’ve reached the halfway point of our trip and our students have had nothing but great experiences thus far. Some of them don’t even want to leave (they’ll all be getting on the plane…don’t worry). There are still many great things for us to do and see!


  1. Sue Farnsworth says:

    Hello Team PALCS! Greetings to all! Sounds like you are really working hard and also having a great time and learning alot too!

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