Have a Wonderful Summer!

Stay safe, and have a great time!  If you are graduating, best of luck to you.  If you are returning, I wish you success in the new school year.


Happy Last Day of School!

The school year ends tonight at 11:55 PM.  You may turn in assignments until that time.  I will be at the West Chester picnic today, so I will not be able to answer questions after 9:30 AM.  Moodle message me, and I will get back to you after the picnic.

Hope to see you there!   Don’t forget the course evaluations!

Final Due Tonight

Don’t forget, the final exam will lock tonight at 11:55 PM; any questions left blank will be scored as a zero, and if you do not submit before the deadline, you will not get credit for those questions you did complete correctly.

You can still turn in work until Friday at 11:55 PM.  Be sure to check that everything is a final for grading and not in draft status. I am available today if you need help. Have a great day

This Week

Remember that you have until 11:55 PM on Friday to submit your assignments for credit.  This does not apply to the final exam which will lock on schedule on Thursday at 11:55 PM.  If you need help with anything,  please moodle message me and I can open the chat room.  Don’t forget the end of course survey — it is worth some points!  Hope to see you at the picnic on Friday.

Monday 6/3

Don’t forget to turn in assignments for grading as soon as possible, and be sure that you don’t start the final until you have completed the lessons you will need to succeed on the final.  If you have not taken the local assessment, you should have a moodle message describing your options.  Have a great day

Due This Week

Algebra 2


Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus