Last Day for Senior Work and Early Grads!

All senior and early graduate work is due by 11:55 PM tonight.  Please check your lesson overview for missing work, and turn it in today.  I am available to work with anyone who needs help today, but priority will be given to those who have a deadline looming. Please contact me for help!

Professional Development Day

All teachers will be attending a professional development session this morning from 9 – 12.  Although people may be logged in to moodle, they are not available to work with you or answer questions.  Please keep this in mind before you send messages or make phone calls.   Have a great day!

Wednesday Update

Seniors and early grads, time is running out for the window to turn in lessons.  Everything is due this Friday, 5/31, by 11:55 PM, so your grade will be ready on time.

Please note that Local Assessment #3 is required for all underclassmen, including early grads. Only official 12th graders are exempt.

The Local Assessment was due on 5/24 and should have been locked after that date.  I extended the deadline with the condition that the maximum number of points you can earn decreases as time passes.  If you completed the assessment before 11:55 PM on 5/24, when it was due, you received the full 25 points.  If you turned the assessment in by 11:55 PM on Tuesday, 5/28, you could earn 20 points out of the 25.  The next cut off is 11:55 PM on Friday, 5/31, with a ceiling of 15 points.  Assessments turned in by 11:55 PM on 6/3 can earn 10 points and by 6/7 you can earn 5 points.  This was explained on 5/24, and before anyone objects to the sliding point scale, remember that you had 2 weeks to complete the assessment, it was mentioned in the announcements, and I did not have to give you extended time — you could have received 0 points if it was late.

Have a great day.

Important Dates

All senior and early graduate work due: May 31, 11:55 PM

Algebra 2 Final Due – June 6, 11:55 PM

Last Day of School – June 7

Graduation – June 15

Due This Week

All senior and early grad work is due by Friday, May 31, at 11:55 PM


Algebra 2


Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus

End of the Year Update

We are entering the last week of school for seniors and early grads, and the next to the last week for undergrads.  I have tried to keep lessons down to reviews in preparation for the final.  Instead of formal chats, I will just open the chatroom during scheduled chat and office hour times for questions and address them as they come.  These sessions will not be recorded or posted, as they will be private for the most part.

Please be sure to check your grades to see where you stand at the moment and how many points you need to pass for the year.  Be sure to complete the lessons before you take the final, and remember that the final will lock, and you have only one attempt on the final.

Have a great day

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the start of the Memorial Day holiday, and a work from home day.  Staff is working a half day, so I will be unavailable after 10:30 AM.

Local Assessment #3 is due today, but I will leave it open till the end of the school year.  You will get credit, but a reduced number of points as time passes.  If you turn it in today, you can get up to 25 points.   Turn it in by Tuesday and you can get 20 points.  By 5/31 you can get 15 points, by 6/3 you can get 10 points, and by 6/7 5 points.

Exam is Open; Local Assessment is Due

The final exam unlocked this morning at 12:01 AM.  Remember that this is an exam, so you may not seek or accept help from anyone — this is your work.  Exams are due on 6/6 for underclassmen, but seniors and early grads must have all work turned in by May 31 at 11:55 PM.

Local assessment #3 is due tomorrow, May 24.  If you do not complete the assessment at that time, you will not receive credit.  The assessment has been open for two weeks, so there is no reason why it is not done.  Seniors are exempted from this assessment. Have a great day

Out of the Office 5/21 – 5/22

I am out of the office with personal days and will return on 5/23.  I will not have internet access, so please contact Mr Wilson or homework help for assistance.

Don’t forget the local assessment!!!!

Due This Week

Algebra 2



Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus