Final Exam Information

I will be sending information about your final exams over the next week.  A moodle message has been sent today, and there is a choice lesson posted in the courses.  Please complete the choice lesson ASAP.

You can also find a list of topics and information on a separate page in the announcements — just look at the links along the top of the page and click on the appropriate link.

Be sure to complete all prerequisite lessons before attempting the exam.  You are limited to one attempt.  The exam will lock on June 6, so be sure to finish up by then.  Senior work is due by the end of the day on May 31; this deadline also applies to any underclassmen who plan to graduate this year.

Please ask questions well in advance. The exam is open book, open notes, but you may not seek or receive assistance from any other person, including, but not limited to, tutors, homework help, Mr Wilson, online services, friends, neighbors, fellow students, or any former students.  This is a reflection of YOU and YOUR work, not someone else’s work.

Have a great day!


Due This Week

Algebra 2


Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus

Important Dates

May 14 – End of Term 2, MP4

May 14 – Keystone Testing – Biology

May 15 – Keystone Testing – Algebra 1

May 16 – Keystone Testing – Literature

May 31 – All Senior Work Due

June 6 – Final Exam Due

Exam Outlines Posted

The outline for your final exams are posted as pages.  Check the links above — each class has its own page containing the outline and other information about the exam.

You have one attempt, and the exam will lock at 11:55 PM on June 6.  Seniors and early grads must turn in all work by 11:55 PM on May 31 as your grades are due early the next week.

If you are working on the exam when the deadline arrives, the exam will lock and any unanswered questions will be scored zero.  You have two weeks to complete the exam (sorry seniors, you have a week), so you have plenty of time.  Do not wait until the last minute, since the two week window precludes technical problems — no excuses for internet problems,  please.  You have two weeks.

Term 1 Grades Posted

Term 1 grades are posted; you can view them at any time.  These grades are just a picture of where you stand at a moment in time — they are not counted in your gpa, nor will they be on your report card or transcript.  If you turned in term 1 work after the deadline,  it will be graded subject to grading policies, but your term 1 grade will not be changed or affected.  Be sure to follow submission guidelines, and remember that the end of the school year is fast approaching, and I will not accept any late assignments, nor will you be able to submit anything after June 7.

Mr Wilson is away

Mr Wilson will be out of the office from April 29 – May 5.  Please plan accordingly.

Term 1 Ends Today

All term 1 work is due by 11:55 PM tonight.  Please be sure to follow all guidelines for submission.  Final exams will be posted in late May; senior and early grad work is due on May 31, which is not that far off.  Please be sure to have all assignments turned in so you can benefit from feedback.  Waiting until the last minute will not give you enough time to learn from your mistakes..  Have a great day!

Due This Week

Algebra 2

Survey of Calculus

PLATO Precalculus

Review Topics

Once we have completed the new content, we will have some review lessons in preparation for the final exam.  If there is a particular area that concerns you, please let me know and I can focus on that topic. Otherwise, I will base the lessons on the results of homework assignments.  Deadline is this Friday, April 26.  Have a great day!

Progress Check #1, MP4

The first progress check for MP4 is April 23, next Tuesday.  Term 1 work needs to be turned in by 11:55 PM on Tuesday.  An explanation of the grading for MP4 is on the moodle front page, so if you have questions, please read that first, since that is as much as I know.   Have a great day and a great weekend