Thursday Meetings

I will be attending  meetings this morning and will not be available to meet or answer messages.  Chats will be held as scheduled, but office hours will end at 8:15.  If you need help, send messages but expect a delay in my response.  Have a great day!

Less Than One Week!

Term 2 ends next week!  The deadline for submitting work is Tuesday, March 5, at 11:55 PM.  Please be sure that nothing is left as a draft, since I won’t be able to enter your points for a draft.

Pay close attention to how you enter answers in quiz-type questions.  If the directions say to use negative exponents, write the answer with negative exponents.  If they say to write the answer with the larger factor first, write the answer with the larger factor first.  Following these directions will allow you to concentrate on correcting computational errors in the second attempt rather than correcting formatting issues.  Have a great day!

Unusual (and pretty useless) Information

While surfing through those Today in History sites, I came across the following facts about February 26:  Today is Grand Canyon Day, since in 1919 the Grand Canyon National Park was established, in 2009 Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen were married, Levis Strauss (as in Levis jeans) was born in 1829, Buffalo Bill Cody was born in 1846, and in 1993 the first World Trade Center bombing occurred when a van loaded with explosives was detonated in the underground garage.

Who Knew?

Important Dates

March 5 – Progress Check 2, MP3

March 25 – April 1- Spring Break

April 4 – Last Day of MP3

April 5 – MP 4 Begins

April 23 – Progress Check 1, MP4


Due This Week

Algebra 2


Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus


Term 2 Deadline Looms

Can you believe that we are only a week away from the end of term 2, mp3?  Be sure that all your work is turned in on time, and that you don’t have anything in draft status, since I won’t be able to enter any points for you.

Come for help, and don’t forget that the NHS has peer tutoring available daily.  Check the schedule; although they don’t mention algebra 2, most are willing to work with you .  Check with Mrs. Disciullo to verify that the tutors will be able to help you.  Have a great day!

Normal Schedule Today

Chats and office hours will be held on schedule today.  Be sure to check your feedback on each lesson to be sure that you correct any errors before you start the next lesson. Have a great weekend!

Thursday PD Day

Today is a Professional Development Day which means that I am unavailable to answer messages and questions.  Chats and office hours are canceled.  See you tomorrow!

PD Day on Thursday

All teachers will be involved in a Professional Development Day this Thursday, 2/21.  We will not be able to answer phones or messages all day so please plan accordingly.  Have a great day! Chats and Office Hours are canceled as a result.

Due This Week