Meetings Today

I will be unavailable this morning from 9 – 11, as today is a curriculum work day.  Although I will be online, I will be working on curriculum development and so will not be able to meet with anyone at this time.  Chats and office hours will be held as scheduled.  Have a great day!

Countdown Timer

Have you noticed the countdown timer at the upper right side of the course announcements?  I thought it might be useful to know exactly how much longer you have until a milestone occurs, such as the end of the term or marking period. After all, tempus fugit.

Have a great day!

Week 1 Term 1 MP3

Can you believe that today is the last day of the first week of Term 1 in MP3?

The grade book should be moved today so that you will be able to see the grades for MP3 work.

You can always see your grade for any assignment by checking the Grades in your Lesson Overview.  Be sure that you are in the course whose grades you would like to see before opening the tab.  You can see what has not been turned in, so you can be sure that you are on track.

Please be sure that you follow submission guidelines and directions, as I will not accept work that is sent in palcsmail, and you will lose points for assignments that are not in the right format.  If you can’t upload a file, you are scanning at too high a resolution.  It is your responsibility to contact the help desk to make the adjustment.  This is not the first time I am posting this; there are no excuses for not following directions.

Due This Week

Algebra 2


Survey of Calculus


PLATO PreCalculus

Grades are Posted

Your MP2 grades have been posted, and you should be able to see them. Please check the comments as well.

You can improve your final grade by earning a high grade for MP 3 and MP4. Stay current, come for help, and complete all assignments on time and you should succeed.  I have daily office hours, Mr. Wilson is in the office from 9 – 2 Monday – Friday, and Homework Help is available Sunday – Thursday, 6 – 8 PM.

To paraphrase Professor Dumbledore, “Help will always be given at PALCS to those who ask for it.”

MangaHigh Is Here!

Attention, Algebra 2 Students —

Check out the math games and challenges at MangaHigh: http://schools.mangahigh.com/plcs

The site offers games and lessons to review and reinforce various math concepts; your class has some challenges assigned which you can complete for extra credit points.  If you don’t participate, your grade will not be hurt — this can only help.

Feel free to try the games and see how you do!


Grading Day

I will be grading the tremendous number of assignments from MP2 that are in my in box.  I am working from home, as are most of the other teachers, so no one will be answering phones, and people may not be checking messages as much as usual.  Office hours will be held as scheduled, and calculus chat will run from 1 – 2 PM.

Please note that MP2 work that was submitted after the end of the marking period is subject to penalties, as is work incorrectly submitted.  The only work I will consider submitted via palcsmail is that from students who either were told to resubmit that way, or who received prior permission.  If you chose to disregard instructions and submitted multiple files, and you exceeded the 3 file limit, you are out of luck if you sent files in palcsmail without permission. I will not consider those files for credit.


Chat Issues

Apparently, the community server has not been saving the chat recordings.  If you need clarification on a certain topic, please  let me know and I will try recording with different software and post it.   Sorry for the inconvenience.

MP3 Begins

Today is the first day of marking period 3 — the school year is half over!

Please note that PLATO seems to be having some issues when people try to log in; be sure you are using Internet Explorer, and follow the suggestions on the PLATO site.  As soon as I know something, I will let you know.

Have a great day!

MP2 Ends Tonight

All MP2 work is due no later than 11:55 PM tonight.  Chats and office hours will be held as usual.

Please check my schedule before calling or messaging; I have more than one class and have to dedicate time to each in turn,  so I cannot stop what I am doing to respond to a message from the other class.  Chats times are dedicated to students in the individual classes.

Please check through your grade box to be sure that everything has been submitted as a final for grading, as I cannot enter points for a draft.

Have a great day!