Assignment Visibility

I just found out that some people were unable to see some of the assignments from Thanksgiving week. I changed due dates and rearranged lessons, and recalculated your term 1 grades.  Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience

Last Day of November

Don’t forget, Keystone testing is next week.  Everyone who has already taken Algebra 1 and Biology who is in the class of 2014 or later will be testing. Literature testing will also be administered to people who meet the criteria; otherwise, the tests will be given in the spring.  The tests are not as lengthy as the PSSA so you should be back home and ready to work on assignments later in the day.  By school policy, there will be no Science assignments due on 12/4, no mathematics on 12/5 and no English on 12/6.  There are assignments due on the other days.

Have a great day!


Keystone tests are scheduled for next week.  I will be out of the office all week as I am traveling to Warren on Monday and returning on Friday.  I will not be able to hold chats or office hours as I will be proctoring tests from Tuesday through Thursday in both the morning and afternoon.

There is no math assignment due on 12/5, since that is the day of the Algebra 1 test.  There are math assignments due on the other days.  This is a school policy, so I have to abide by it.  The Keystone tests are not as long as the PSSA tests, so you should be back home in plenty of time to work on your regular school work.

Have a great day

Term 2 Starts Today

I will be grading your term 1 submissions today in the hope that I can have the progress grades posted by the end of the day.

Don’t forget, I am out of the office all week next week for Keystone Testing, so chats and office hours are canceled and I will not be online until late in the day


Today is the last day of term 1 of marking period 2. All work is due by 11:55 PM tonight to be considered in your first progress grade for the marking period.

Please be sure to follow all submission guidelines to earn maximum credit.  Chats and office hours will held on schedule, but please check my schedule before asking for an appointment.

Have a great day!

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and a productive break.  With luck you have a head start on your holiday shopping and are all caught up on assignments.

Keystone exams are next week; I will be traveling, so I am not in the office and will be unavailable for chats and office hours all week due to proctoring and travel to Warren.  You can moodle message me and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great day!

Due This Week

Algebra 2

Survey of Calculus

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful day with family and friends!  Stay safe and have a productive break!  I will be here till about 10:30, so please mm before then if you have questions.  The end of term 1 is next Tuesday, 11/27, so be sure to catch up on your work


Chats and office hours will be held today according to the schedule.  Tomorrow is a short day, so I will be leaving midmorning; chats are canceled on Wednesday.

Evening homework help will be offered on Tuesday, and then not again till next Monday, so plan accordingly.

Have a great day!

Due This Week



Survey of Calculus