Happy Halloween!

If you are going out tonight, be careful!  Hopefully everyone has power back in their homes, and no one was affected by the winds and rain from the storm.

Have a great day!


Happy Night Before Halloween!

In some places this is Mischief Night, at which time pranks are pulled. These are usually harmless and more of an inconvenience than anything else, but sometimes they can get nasty!  Stay out of trouble, and stay dry!

Marking period 1 ends in one week; please be sure to check all your feedback and all your assignments to be sure that you have submitted everything as a final for grading; I can’t put in grades for anything that is a draft.

Have a great day!


Due to the potential loss of power in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, I understand that you might not be able to log into moodle to work on lessons.  Please do the best you can and send moodle messages with questions.  Please don’t rely on palcsmail since the servers might be in an affected area and I might not be able to retrieve your messages for 24 hours or more.

Remember, hope for the best but plan for the worst!  Stay safe!


Happy Friday!


This is the last weekend before Halloween, so many of you are probably attending parties or hosting parties for small children.  Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and don’t take foolish chances!

Please check through your assignments and turn in any outstanding items. Be sure that everything has been submitted as a final for grading, and is not in draft status.  Remember that only odt or doc format is acceptable, and if you are not sure how to paste images in documents, please ask.  You should only submit one file, total.

Be sure that you are not scanning your images at too high a resolution; moodle limits you to 10 mg,so don’t use the highest possible resolutions for your scan.

Have a great weekend!


Good luck to anyone retaking the PSSAs!

Keystone time will be here before we know it, so be sure to take your review courses seriously.  If you would like help with any of the concepts in the review courses, be sure to let me know and we can review them.

Have a great day!

Important Dates

October 23 – 24 – PSSA Retake – 12th Grade

November 6 –  End of Marking Period 1

November 22 – 25 – Thanksgiving Holiday

November 27 – Progress Check 1, Marking Period 2

December 4 – Biology Keystone

December 5 – Algebra 1 Keystone

December 6 – Literature Keystone

December 17 – End of Term 1, Marking Period 2

December 22 – January 2 – WinterBreak


Good morning!

Please be sure to keep turning in assignments; I will post your scores as soon as I can.  Remember that the end of marking period 1 is only two weeks away; this is a hard deadline and I cannot grant extensions to anyone for any reason.  Also, if you have already been given an extension, remember that this is a one time only offer, and no further extensions are available for the rest of the school year. Please do not put your math work off until the last minute, and then ask for extra time since you were working in other courses.  You will not get extra time.  Math has to be worked on every day so you can get feedback on your work so as not to continue the same errors.  Keep this in mind as you plan your work for the week, and get the math done daily.

Have a great day


I am out of the office until the week on November 5.  I will be checking moodle messages, and recorded “chat” lessons will be posted.  Please message me if you have any questions.


Please be sure to stay current with your work, and ask questions!  Don’t let yourself get frustrated — often the issue is just some minor syntax error.


Please check through your lesson overview and feedback to insure that you have turned in all assignments and nothing is still in draft status.  I will give you credit for anything that I receive before Sunday.

Have a great day!


Please be sure that you are following all submission guidelines for file upload assignments.  If you have any questions about how to submit something, please ask in advance.


Several people have reported problems with viewing homework sheets; images are not showing up.  Please take a few minutes to check through all assignments to be sure that you can see everything, and let me know if you can’t.    You should see a link for a word document as well as an odt document; choose the one that corresponds to your system.  You might need to have mathtype installed to be able to see everything.  If you can’t install it, please call the help desk.

Have a great day!