Happy Friday!

I am in the process of posting progress grades, so you should be able to see them soon.

Please be sure that you follow all guidelines when submitting work in the course, and whenever possible, type directly on the assignment sheet, using mathtype and pasting screen shots from either the calculator or Geogebra.

Have a great weekend!



I am unavailable this morning before chat as this is a teacher curriculum work day.  Chats will be held as scheduled.

Term 1 grades will be posted as soon as I have all your work graded.  Those who turned work in early have a grade already; I am not sure if you can see it yet.

Have a great day!


Today is the last day of term 1; all assignments are due by 11:55 PM tonight.  There are no new assignments due today, so yesterday’s assignment is the last one that is counted in the grade.

There is a high school faculty meeting this afternoon, so I will be unavailable after 1 PM.  Have a great day!


Welcome to the first school day of autumn! Did you know that although 9/22 was the official date of the equinox, at our latitude the date of equal day and night is actually today?  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Remember that tomorrow is that last day of term 1, so all assignments due up to and including 9/25 are due by 11:55 PM tomorrow.  Late penalties will start on Wednesday.

Be sure to take advantage of chats and office hours if you need help with anything. Watch the recordings before coming for help, as many of your questions will be answered in those videos, and you can access them 24/7.

have a great day!

The Weekend is Here!

Enjoy the last day of summer! The Fall Equinox occurs on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT, launching a new season. The weather has been great so far, and the recently cooler air makes us all think of fall colors and activities.

Last call for Local Assessment #3, and remember that Term 1 ends on Tuesday.  Any term 1 work not in my inbox by 11:55 PM on 9/25 is considered late and will be subject to penalties.

Have a great day!


Term 1 ends on Tuesday, 9/25; all assignments with a due date up to and including 9/25 are due by the end of the day on Tuesday (11:55 PM).  Late penalties will be in effect; please refer to the syllabus for details, but briefly, any assignments from term 1 that are turned in during the first week of term 2 are subject to a 10% penalty. The penalty increases by 10% each week that an assignment is late,  and escalates once the second term is over and the third begins.  You will also be ineligible for extra credit points.

Have a great day!


If you have not completed the local assessment, you need to do that by Friday.  The data is needed by the school to be sure that students are mastering all required concepts, and to track growth over the course of the school year.

Don’t forget that we have an online version of the Algebra 2 textbook, and pdf versions of both the Algebra 2 book and the calculus book.  You don’t have to carry that book around with you.  Here are the links:

Calculus:  http://locker.palcs.org/Math%20Texts/Larson%20Calc%201/

Algebra 2  http://locker.palcs.org/Math%20Texts/Algebra%202/

These books are identical to the print copies, so you should not have any problems following along.


Have a great day!



There will be a teacher meeting this after noon, so I will not be available after 1 PM. Please be sure to ask questions in the morning , outside of class chat times.

I have posted the homework help schedule for the next two weeks so you can see when I will be in the room.  You can decide to come in on those nights, or avoid them, your choice.


Term 1 ends next week, so be sure to be caught up.  Late penalties will be assessed for term 1 work turned in during term 2.  Any questions, please check the syllabus.

Have a great day!


Happy Friday!

Please be sure that you are up to date with all assignments — can you believe that the end of term 1 is only a week away!

I will notify you when I hear back from IT about Mathtype and Geogebra.  Please be patient.

Don’t forget the local assessment!