Thursday, 5/31

Please be aware that effective today, all remaining MP4 assignments will show in the grade book. As a result, your grades may appear lower than previously posted, due to the factoring in of incomplete and/or ungraded assignments.
So far all submissions have been graded; please be sure that all work is turned in on time — seniors and early graduates need to have everything in by tomorrow, June 1, at 11:55 PM.


Today is the traditional date for Memorial Day, or, as it was originally called, Decoration Day. The history of the day goes back to the Civil War when ladies of the south decorated the graves of those who had fallen in battle; by 1890 the observance had spread to the northern states as well.  Eventually the day expanded to honor all who died in service to the nation.  In 1971 the day was moved to the last Monday in May to insure a three day weekend.

Although most people have no idea of the significance of the day, learning about the history is one way to keep up the tradition.  Observing a moment of silence or playing Taps at 3 PM local time is another way to focus on the importance of the sacrifice of those who paiid the ultimate price.

Thank a veteran today!


I have a work from home day and will not be able to answer the phone.  I am online, so please feel free to moodle message me.

Tuesday, 5/29

We are coming to the end of the school year, and now is the time to be sure that you have turned in all assignments prior to attempting the final exam.  You cannot get the best possible score on the final unless you have completed the prerequisite lessons and received feedback on them.

Seniors and early graduates, your final is due this Friday, June 1.  All other assignments are also due at this time, 11:55 PM.  No extensions are possible.

There will be no new material presented at chats this week; instead, we will use the time to review any topics you might be unsure about. Have a great week

Out of the Office

I am out of the office on Friday, 5/25.Chats and office hours are canceled for today. Have a great weekend.

Thursday 5 24

Today is a teacher curriculum work day, so I am tied up all morning. Office hours and chats will be held as scheduled, but will mostly be addressing student questions.

I will be out of the office on Friday and will not be logging in.

Exams are now open; please do not attempt the exam until you have completed all the prerequisite daily assignments. You have only one attempt.

Seniors should use the senior exam.

Potential early graduates should use the underclassman exam, and need to contact me to let me know that they are still hoping to graduate early. If this is the case, all assignments are due on the senior schedule, which is June 1 at 11:55 PM — no extensions, no exceptions.

Have a great day!

Wednesday 5/23

All lessons have been posted through the end of the school year.

Final exam for underclassmen will unlock at 12:05 AM on May 24 (tomorrow).  remember, you only have 1 attempt on this. There are two parts to the exam.

Seniors, your work is due on 6/1.  10th and 11th graders, your work is due on 6/7.

Please be sure that you have turned in all assignments prior to taking the exam, as you will benefit from the feedback.  Have a great day!

Monday, May 21

Term 2 Grades have been posted. 

Please be sure that you are comfortable with all lessons before you start the final. You are limited to one attempt, and the final will lock at the designated time, with unfinished work graded as a 0.

Keep in mind that traffic will be heavy at the end of the year, so DO NOT WAIT to submit your final. Be sure to keep a copy of all your work so you can easily reproduce it if you have technical problems.  It is your responsibility to find a working internet connection to submit your work.  At this time of year, thunderstorms are common, causing a loss of power. If you wait till the last minute and then have a technical problem, it is your problem.  There is plenty of time to work on assignments.

Seniors and anyone who plans to graduate early must have all their work, including the final, submitted no later than 11:55 PM on June 1.  Please do not even think about asking for an extension, as it will not be granted. Seniors should use the senior exam, underclassmen should use the appropriate exam.

Ask questions in advance. Have  a great day.

Friday, May 18

Today is a work from home day, so I cannot answer the phone but I am online all day.  Chats and office hours will be held as scheduled.

Term 2 grades should be posted soon, possibly by the end of the day for some classes.
Finals will unlock next week, so please check to see when they are available so you can get started. Review lessons will all be posted by the end of the day.  Take a look at them and be sure that all your other work is done before you start the final. You have 1 attempt and it will lock on the appropriate day for seniors and underclassmen.

Have a great day

Links are Fixed

Attention all Intermediate Algebra Students — the links to the logic lessons have been fixed so you should be able to see the materials. Sorry for the inconvenience

Term 2 Update

The deadline for term 2 work has been extended to Wednesday, 5/16,  at noon.   Please be sure that your work is turned in by then