Monday April 30

I have a personal day today, so I will not be in the office and I will not be online. Chats and office hours are canceled for today.

Please be sure to work on Local Assessment #3 which is due next week on May 9.

See you on Tuesday, May 1

April 27

I am back in the office today, catching up on grading and lessons.

There is a staff meeting this afternoon, so I will be unavailable for private meetings, Chats and office hours will be held as scheduled, but I can’t meet anyone outside the regular times this afternoon.  Morning hours are fine, but not the afternoon.

Please check that all your assignments have been submitted as a final for grading; if you have anything in draft status, I can’t enter a grade for you.

Have a great day!

Wednesday April 25

PSSA Testing continues here in Somerset.  I will be staying in Somerset until Thursday, so I will not be available until Thursday afternoon, as I have to turn in testing materials once we drive back.

Friday should be a busy day!

Tuesday, April 24

The PSSA in western PA has been rescheduled, so I will be traveling today (Tuesasy) and testing on Wednesday, all day.  I will be driving back on Thursday.  My availability this week is very limited.

Don’t forget, term 1 ends this week so you need to turn in the assignments.

Have a great day, and good luck on PSSA to all the 11th graders!

April 23 Update

Due to the late season snowfall, the PSSA testing schedule is changing, but as of right now, I don’t know what the change will be.

I was originally traveling today, but it looks like I will be in the office today and traveling on Tuesday. As soon as I know something, I will update the post so you will be able to come for chats and office hours

Friday 4/20

I am working from home today; that means I can’t pick up the phone, but I can answer moodle messages.

Term 1 of mp 4 ends next week.  Be sure to use second attempts when needed,but don’t just click through the questions. Come for help before you use the attempt.

check your lesson overview to see if you have any outstanding assignments, or if your grade is not what you would have liked it to be. You have time to turn your work in, so please do so.

There are no assignments due on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week due to PSSA There is also nothing due on Thursday as it is the last day of the term. You should be able to catch up and even get ahead.

Local Assessment #3 will unlock next week; although it is not due until 5/9, you might want to start working a little at a time so you will not be overwhelmed.  Remember this is a school requirement so you need to complete it.

Seniors, don’t forget that all your work is due on June 1.  Stay current or ahead so you don’t spend the last week of school trying to learn a year’s worth of material.

Have a great day!

Thursday 4/19

Tomorrow is a work from home day for teachers. I will be online and chats and office hours will be held as usual.  I just will not be able to pick up the phone, so please moodle message me.

The Science and Writing PSSA will be administered next week.  Term 1 of MP4 ends on 4/26, so please be sure your work is turned in on time.

We are getting close to the end of the school year; stay current with your work, since the final exam will lock and won’t be reopened.  If you don’t have the assignments leading up the the exam completed on time, you will not have feedback on your work and so will not know if you are doing your assignments correctly.

I will be out of the office until Thursday, and will not be able to answer messages on the travel days (Monday and Wednesday). I will log in on Tuesday, but it will not be until later in the day. Plan accordingly.

Attention Intermediate Algebra Students — there is a password required for the Complex Numbers lesson. It can be found in the lesson, so please don’t ask me for it — you should be viewing the lesson before attempting the assignment.

April 16

Welcome back!

Don’t forget — the Science and Writing PSSA will be administered next week, so I will be out of the office from Monday – Thursday.

I might be out on Wednesday and Thursday of this week due to jury duty; I will not know until the night before  (Tuesday and Wednesday), so please be sure to ask questions early in the week or you might have to wait until Friday. I will update the announcements as soon as I know something, but that won’t be until after 5 PM on those days.

Have a great week!

Friday April 13

Today is a teacher work from home day. All this means is that I cannot pick up the phone — I still have scheduled chats and office hours.

If you request an appointment, please show up. I often turn away other students to reserve time for you, and when you don’t show up, and then try to reschedule, you are now taking time that someone else could be using. Forgetting or oversleeping are not valid excuses. From now on, if you miss an appointment, you will not be able to request another time during that week.

PSSA Science and Writing will be administered on April 24 and 25. I will again be traveling to Somerset, so I will not be available during the school day from Monday till  Thursday of that week. Term 1 ends on April 26, so please plan accordingly and attend chats and office hours in advance, as they will be canceled for that week.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 4/12

I will not be available to meet privately with students today, or on most other Thursdays. I am in meetings all morning and in chat/ office hours all afternoon. Tuesdays are al;so very busy, so please plan your requests around these times. The schedule is posted on the page called My Schedule at the top of this announcement page; be sure to check that first before asking for a meeting time.

Have a great day