Friday 3/30

MP3 grades are in; I don’t know when you will be able ot see them.

Teachers have a work from home day, so I cannot answer the phone. Please moodle message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Office hours and chat will take place today as scheduled.

The end of the school year is drawing closer, so be sure to stay current. Seniors, all your work is due by June 1 and underclassmen’s work is due by June 8.  Please stay current – no extensions are possible at the end of the year. Senior grades have to be posted early so you will know if graduation is affected, so I have no room on the date.

Local Assessment #3 will open toward the end of April. Please check that you have your PLATO ID available so when the test opens you will be ready to go.

Have a great Spring Break!

MP4 Begins Today

Tuesday, 3/27, is the first day of marking period four!

I will be grading your MP3 assignments over the next few days in preparation for posting your grades on Friday.  I cannot accept late submissions.  Working on assignments in other courses is not a valid reason for not completing your math assignments, so the Monday deadline is firm and non negotiable.  Please stay current with the new marking period work so you don’t find yourself in a bind in June. Learn to prioritize your work, and never leave math till the end of the marking period.

Come for help if you need to, but don’t wait until the last minute; if your current help sources can’t help you, comme to office hours or make an appointment with me. . Please do not attempt an assignment unless you have read the lesson and listened to the examples. Too often I am seeing poor grades on assignments resulting from the student not viewing the lesson.  Many assignments are completed in 1 minute or less; this is not an acceptable effort. It is next to impossible to read the questions in that amount of time, much less solve them.   I will work with people who make an honest effort, but if I see last minute, slipshod, sloppy work, I will not consider any accommodations.

MP 3 ends tonight

All work for marking period 3 is due no later than 11:55 PM tonight , Monday, 3/26.

Although I turn in grades on Friday, you do not have until Friday to turn in work.

I have to look at the work and grade it, so tonight’s deadline is firm. People who turn in work on time will have the points credited toward their MP3 grade, but late assignments will not be counted in your grade.

Unless you have specific permission to redo an assignment, please do not resubmit anything at this point. My attention will be focused on those assignments coming in for the first time, and I will not grade resubmissions until everything else is done, and if that happens to be after I turn in the grades, so be it.



Thursday morning is  curriculum work time, so I am unable to reply to phone calls and messages.  Please keep this in mind when you plan your day.

Chats and office hours will take place as scheduled.

Have a great day!


In less than one week the third marking period will be over!

Grades will be posted before Spring Break, so be sure to turn everything in by Monday, 3/26

On the horizon: Local Assessment #3 at the end of April

PSSA Science and Writing on April 23 and 24

Seniors, all your assignments are due by June 1. Keep that date in mind when planning your schedule for the weeks ahead!


I am back in the office this week, with a regular schedule of chats and office hours.

The third marking period ends next Monday, 3/26.  All work is due by the end of the day. I have to submit grades by the end of the week, so there are no extensions possible.  Please check your lesson overview to see what is outstanding and be sure to get the work in on time.

Friday 3/16

I just returned from Somerset PSSA testing, and will reply to messages as soon as possible.  Have a great weekend

Thursday 3/15

I am still testing in Somerset, and will probably not be in the office until late on Friday.

I will try to respond to messages at that time, or later this afternoon.


Good luck to everyone taking the PSSA this week!

Monday 3/12

I am traveling to Somerset today for PSSA testing.  I will most likely not return to West Chester until some time on Friday.

Due to testing, I will not be able to answer messages or the telephone during regular hours. You should be able to work on assignments on your own with no problems.

I will return messages as soon as I am able to.

Good luck on  the PSSA!!!