January 31

I will be taking a personal day tomorrow, 2/1, so I will be unavailable for chats or office hours.

Please plan accordingly.

January 30

We are at the end of the first week of MP3!  Time really flies!

Please be sure that you take a look at the introduction to the unit project lesson, which is due this week.  You will need to select a topic to research and submit your choice to me.  Be sure that your topic is manageable, and that there are multiple sources for your data.

Have a great week

Friday 1/27

I have been grading all week, and the inbox is currently empty.  I will wait until Monday to turn in marking period 2 grades, so be sure that you don’t have anything outstanding, such as an assignment set as a draft. I can’t put the grade in while the assignment is in draft status, so please click on submit as a final for grading and I can add the points.

Don’t forget to work on your PLATO prescriptions. I check on Mondays or Tuesdays, and include credit for work you have done from the previous Saturday through Friday night.  Please send me a message when you have completed all your prescriptions.  Once I verify that you’re done, I will exempt you from the rest of the lesson blocks. Remember that you need to complete at least 10% of your prescriptions per week for full credit; completing more will not hurt since you will have the exemption for the later PLATO lessons.  Use Internet Explorer, and if you can’t get in to PLATO, please call the Help Desk so they can provide any updates you might need.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 1/26

Marking period 3 is in full swing.

Next week we will begin the Probability and Data Analysis unit.  This unit will have a culminating project, so be sure to complete the lessons that show you how to anaylze the data

Welcome to Marking Period 3!

Today marks the start of marking period 3.  Your MP2 grades will be posted by Monday, but I am not sure when you will be able to see them.

Please don’t ask for a grade early, as I am busy grading submissions and any interruption means a delay for everyone.

In MP3 we will begin the unit on data analysis and probability. Instead of a test at the end of the unit, we will have a unit project. Details are posted, and I will give a more detailed explanation as time goes on.

It is not too late to pass for the year for most people, regardless of what your grades are to date.  It might take a great effort, but you can do it!

Come for help, it is available — you have to ask for it!

Marking Period 2 Ends Today

January 24 is the last day of marking period 2.  All MP2 work is due no later than 11:55 PM tonight.  

I have a deadline for turning in grades, so I can’t wait to accept work at the last minute. Please do not fall behind in the new marking period.  If math is hard for you, do not put it off. Work on your hardest subject first, not last.  If you have already asked for extra time in another marking period, please don’t ask again.

Remember that I am solidly booked on Tuesdays, so I will not be able to reply to any messages received after 10:15 AM.  Wednesdays are much better in terms of my availability.

Have a nice day

January 23

Midterm exam is due tonight at 11:55 PM

I have a work from home day today, so I cannot answer the phone.  Please Moodle message me with any concerns.

Have a great day

January 20

There is a faculty meeting today at 2 PM, so I will have to shorten the calculus chat, and I will be unavailable  for the rest of the day.

Don’t forget to work on your midterm as well as on your PLATO prescriptions.

Have a great weekend!


The second marking period ends on Tuesday, 1/24.  All MP2 work must be turned in by 11:55 Pm on Tuesday to be included in your grade.

Please check through the Lesson Overview to see if you have any assignments that are in Draft status; I can’t enter your grade until it is submitted as a final for grading

January 17

Midterms are due this Friday by 11:55 PM.  The test will lock.

You need to have all the parts turned in for credit.

The second marking period ends next Tuesday, January 24.  I don’t have any assignments posted, since your other midterms are due on Monday and I left Tuesday open as a catch up day.  I can’t accept late submissions, so be sure that everything is turned in on time.