Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!

The office holiday event will begin at around 10 AM today, so teachers will not be available.  Your Term 2 grades have been submitted, although I don’t know when they will be visible to you.

Have a great break, and I look forward to the new year!

Midterm Information

The midterm will be available beginning on January 9, and will close at 11:55 PM on January 20.  Any questions left blank will be scored as a 0; the test will lock.

There will be 3 parts to the test, 2 multiple choice and 1 open ended.

The following topics will be covered on the midterm:

Midterm Outline – Intermediate Algebra

1)       Tools of Algebra

  • a)       Real Numbers and Operations
  • b)      Order of Operations
  • c)       Algebraic Expressions and Models
  • d)      Properties of Real Numbers
  • e)       Signed Numbers
  • f)        Square Roots
  • g)      Ratios/Proportions

2)       Functions, Equations and Slope

  • a)       Solving Linear Equations
  • b)      Relations
  • c)       Functions
  • d)      Slope

3)       Linear Equations

  • a)       Standard Form of a Linear Equation
  • b)      Intercepts
  • c)       Slope Intercept Form of a Linear Equation
  • d)      Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • e)       Point-Slope Form of a Linear Equation

4)       Systems of Linear Equations

  • a)       Solving by Graphing
  • b)      Solving by Substitution
  • c)       Solving by Elimination
  • d)      Solving Special Systems

5)       Inequalities and Absolute Value

  • a)       Inequalities in One Variable
  • b)      Inequalities in Two Variables
  • c)       Compound Inequalities
  • d)      Graphing Inequalities
  • e)       Systems of Inequalities
  • f)        Absolute Value Equations
  • g)      Absolute Value Inequalities

Midterm Information

The midterm will be available starting January 9 and will close at 11:55 PM on Janury 20.

Any questions not answered at that time will be scored as a 0.

The midterm will be in 3 parts: 2 multiple choice and one open ended. 


Topics to be covered are as follows:

Midterm Outline – Survey of Calculus           

1)       Limits and Their Properties

  • a)       Tangent Line Problem
  • b)      Estimating Limits Numerically and Graphically
  • c)       Properties of Limits
  • d)      Rationalizing the Numerator
  • e)       Continuity at a point and on an open interval
  • f)        One Sided limits and continuity on a closed interval
  • g)      Intermediate Value Theorem
  • h)       Infinite Limits
  • i)         Vertical Asymptotes

 2)       Differentiation

  • a)       Slope of the Tangent Line
  • b)      Limit Definition and derivatives
  • c)       Differentiability and continuity
  • d)      Basic differentiation rules
  • e)       Rates of change
  • f)        Higher order derivatives
  • g)      Chain rule
  • h)       Implicit differentiation
  • i)         Related rates


 3)        Applications of Differentiation

  • a)       Extrema of a function
  • b)      Critical numbers
  • c)       Rolle’s Theorem
  • d)      Mean Value Theorem
  • e)       First derivative test
  • f)        Concavity
  • g)      Second derivative test
  • h)       Inflection points
  • i)         Limits at infinity
  • j)         Horizontal asymptotes
  • k)       Curve sketching
  • l)         Optimization
  • m)     Tangent line approximation
  • n)       Differentials
  • o)      Propagated error



Wednesday 12/21

I have a work from home day today, so I cannot answer my phone.  I am online with moodle and moodle messages, and will hold chat for Intermediate Algebra and office hours for everyone as usual.

Have a great day!

Term 3 Begins

Today is the first day of term 3 of marking period 2.  Grades will be posted by Thursday at 9 AM.

Don’t forget the local assessment due the day we return from the break.

Term 2 MP 2 Ends Tonight

All assignments due up to and including today, December 19, are due by 11:55 PM tonight.  Any submissions that are time stamped after that time will not be graded for your Term 2 Progress Report.  I will grade them for your final MP2 grade, but points will not appear on your progress report, due to the short turn around time for posting grades.

If you need help, I am at my desk today.  Please moodle message me and we can arrange to open the classroom.  Mr. Wilson is here, and Homework Help is available tonight from 6 – 8 PM.

Use your time wisely; if you have completed all assignments, work on the Local Assessment, which is due the day we returm from Winter Break, 1/3/12

Friday, 12/16

I will be available until the end of office hours at 12:30 today; there will be a 12th grade event that I will be attending.  Please plan accordingly.

Don’t forget the term ends on Monday; due to the quick turnaround for grading, I cannot accept late submissions. 

The local assessment on PLATO is due on the day we return from winter break, so please be sure to complete it before then.

Thursday, 12/15

Today is a professional development day, so I am completely unavailable from 9 – noon.  My regular schedule will begin at noon, with office hours and class chats.

On Friday I will be unavailable from 12:30 on, due to a department function, so please plan accordingly.

Solving Systems by Graphing

I have heard that people are not sure how to enter their answers in this assignment.  I have added 2 attempts, and recorded my screen showing you how to enter the answers.  Please view the recording and you should not have any problems.


graphing example1

Tuesday Update

Don’t forget, Tuesday is a pretty busy day for me, so I probably can’t answer moodle messages after 10:30.

The end of the second term is next Monday, so please be sure your work is current.

I have updated the homework help schedule page to reflect the days I am scheduled to work, in case you wanted to meet in the evening.  Please be aware that we have been very busy in the math room , so I might not be able to spend a lot of time with one student.  Call Mr, Wilson during the day, and he can work with you.