Monday, 10/31

Happy Halloween!

Hopefully, no one was too severely affected by the weekend storm. Parts of Chester County were hit hard, mostly with downed tree limbs.  If you were trying to upload assignments on Saturday, be aware that there might have been intermittent outages or problems with moodle because of the power situation.  Check to see that your work was received, and hopefully you kept a copy of the file.

Don’t forget, Mr. Wilson is not in this week, so homework help is not available during the school day, but I am here.  Please check my schedule so you know when I have other obligations.

Marking Period 1 ends next Tuesday; please be sure that your work is turned in on time.

Have a great day!

Friday 10/18 and Next Week

I am back in the office today, and office hours and Calculus chat will be held as scheduled.

Please note:  Mr. Wilson will not be in the office next week, so he will not be available for homework help.  If you need help. please make an appointment with me, come to chat or office hours, or come to the evening homework help sessions.  He should be back the following week.

Thursday Update

Since my car did not start this morning, I will be working from home.

Please use moodle messages to contact me.  There is a department meeting this morning, so I will not be available.  I hope to have office hours and chats this afternoon according to the regular schedule.

Wednesday, 10/26

Chats and office hours are again canceled due to PSSA retakes.  I am not at my desk, and I cannot pick up the phone or respond to moodle messages.  Testing ran later than anticipated yesterday, so we expect the same today.

Thank you for understanding

Term 2 Grades Posted

Progress grades for Term 2 of MP1 are posted. These grades are based on assignments due up to and including October 18.

Late work is subject to penalties, but remember that any points are better than none.  You will need all skills covered so far, so be sure that you understand the material.

The end of MP1 is two weeks from today, so be sure that you are caught up with all your work.

I will be proctoring PSSA retakes on Tuesday and Wednesday, so there will be no formal chats.  Come for help on Monday, Thursday and Friday, or come to homework help.

Next Week

The 12th Grade PSSA retake will be administered on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25 and 26, at various locations throughout the state.  Due to this schedule, there will only be 3 assignments due for the week, maximum.

I will be proctoring in the West Chester office, so I will not be available for chats or meetings in the morning of either day.  Please check in on Monday if you need help with anything.

Term 2 grades will be available on Monday morning.

Late Penalties In Effect

Per the course syllabus, late penalties will be imposed on overdue work beginning today.   Here is the schedule of penalties:

Term 1 work received at any time during Term 3 receives a maximum grade of 65%

Assignment Submission Date Penalty
Term 2 work (assignments due on or before October 18) on or before October 25 10%
on or before November 1 20%
on or before November 8 70%

This penalty schedule is posted in the course syllabus.

The adjustment will have to be made manually, so you might see a change in your grade once the penalties are enforced.

End of Term 2

Tomorrow, 10/18, marks the end of term 2 of marking period 1.

All assignments with a due date up to and including 10/18 are due by midnight on Tuesday.  Please be sure that you are caught up; come for help if you need to.  Please note that I am booked up on Tuesdays with scheduled chats and meetings, so Icannot make private appointments.

Mr Wilson is available from 9 -2 daily, and homework help is offered 5 nights a week from 6 – 8 PM.  Please avail yourself of these opportunities; stay on top of the work and you should be fine.

Star Wars Friday

The first Movie afternoon in West Chester is today — we will be watching the original Star Wars (Epsiode IV) in which we are introduced to Luke Skywalker, Princess Lei,a Han Solo and the cast of characters who captivated the world over 30 years ago.


Come join us for a great time!


Today is a professional development day, so all teachers are unavailable from 9          – 12.


Chats and office hours will be held according to the regular schedule.